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We decided that we shall just shut down and go back to all our respective prominent fansub groups. Goodbye.

To all our haters: thank you for taking your time to hate us.

To all that supported us: sorry, please turn your heads to


for now, they are extremely competent fansubbers unlike XedO. We have good faith in them bringing you quality subs.

Anyway, do support SHiN-gx! Goodbye everybody~ [now go find another group to hate ppl~]


We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the author of this website.

We are not being rude, or have any intentions of offending any parties, but WE WOULD LIKE TO CLEAR UP MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

1) We would not like to challenge Ayako or anything. The viewers are doing that. Viewers who have downloaded our releases chose to do such stuff, creating a “challenge” between XedO-SpeedSubs and Ayako. We have no intentions of doing such a thing.

2) We have NO AFFLILIATIONS OR WHATSOEVER to Odex. If you think our name has any relation to Odex or you think its the mirror image of it, YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. We only found out about Odex when some time ago some one posted it as a comment here *was removed as we are of no affliation to them*. It’s the least bit funny to be associated with Odex. We got XedO cause we could not decide on the name, therefore we took all the suggestions (which were 4 of them) and used the first letters and just formed XedO LOL.

3) If you like our scripts, rip them off yourself. But kindly drop us an email saying you are using our scripts. If your rude, than don’t waste your effort dropping us an email. We don’t care if another group rips our TLs, because WE CARE THE LEAST ABOUT THAT. We won’t care even if you torrent our mkvs just for the raw. Just don’t complain about it than.

4) What’s the point of releasing such shit? You may ask. Now we will answer you: because we like to. Just the same as your freedom of speech in posting whatever comment you like here, we have the right to release whatever we like to. We do this because we like the thrill of doing something really fast, instead of the proper fansub groups we are with, who take forever to finish up with a single release. We are aiming to be as fast as Chinese fansub groups are, to be at least on par with them, whereby their benchmark for releasing any anime is like 4 hours from airing in Japan. Now, that’s our aim.

5) See, we cant be bothered to add the font into our mkv, since mkv’s take longer to torrent finish in comparison with XVIDs. Therefore, we don’t bother adding any font, and if you like the font so much, we’ll email it you. We like pink so what? You don’t like pink that’s your problem. Don’t tell us what you like or dislike, if you don’t like it so much, we suggest you use MKVextract to take out the ASS and change the fonts and colors to your liking. We have no TS either, IT WASTES TIME. By the way, since your computer replaces the missing font with Arial, THAT’S YOUR COMPUTER. We did not set it to Arial, just to let you know.

6) Translation? Well, we have many inconsitencies. We did not translate “ohaiyo” because we couldn’t be bothered. If you don’t understand, we suggest you switch over to SHiN-gx’s version. And no, we have no editor either. You wanna know why? BECAUSE THAT WASTES TIME. Oh yeah, did we mention that we no longer do V2’s? BECAUSE WE CAN’T BE BOTHERED! Because we strongly suggest you wait for SHiN-gx’s release that’s why! XedO-SpeedSubs would like to thank the author of this website for getting his contact to do us a TLc report, but err… well, TLc-ing has proven to be a failure to us and is of no use. So therefore TLcs been taken off, but thanks for your effort and concern, but we won’t be needing it.

7) Guess what? How do we get our raws? We 1) Record it off TV with the built in PCI Video Card in one of our staff’s PC in Japan, 2) Hit the IRC networks and search for the RAW 3) Torrent ’em off NYAA. Do we bother encoding? DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE CARE ABOUT ENCODING? NO! We can’t be bothered. We just take whatever raw we have and use VDM to encode it together with the ASS to form the XVID you people torrent, or use MKVmerge to dump those 2 together. That explains the missing fonts too. See, WE CARE THE LEAST BIT ABOUT THOSE!

8) And what happened to the OPs and EDs? Well, since any other anime watchers (except for probably a handful) would skip the OP and ED after the first episode or after a few times they’ve watched it, we decided not to waste any effort on doing that.

9) Lastly, if you are interested in how we work, this is it:

First goes TL and Timing. TL by whoever’s free ( We got 3 J>E TLs and 3 C>E TLs, normally each would TL a part of the entire episode) and while that’s going on, we have either 1 of our 2 timers to blank time. If you do not know what is blank time, it’s just timing without the TLs.

Next comes the TLc + QC + Encoder all in one person. Whoever is done last with the Time / TL will insert the lines into the ASS and run VDM to encode into a XVID. And while doing that, he’ll make sure there are no spelling mistakes and makes sure that the TLs sound something like what the anime is talking about. And than comes the torrent. This is considered done for us.

WOW. That’s a 2 step fansub process. This is done as fast as it can be, but what slows us down is normally the getting of raws and the time difference between the TL and the Timers, so the TLed txt file could be on ftp for like 3 to 4 hours.

10) All of the members in this group are from prominent fansub groups, and of course, we do quality work with these prominent fansub groups. We shall not list these prominent fansub groups here either. We do this because we like the thrill of releasing something really fast, and we can’t be bothered about what goes on in a REAL fansub process, which includes editing, typesetting, and whatnot. You see, we do all that cannot be done in a proper fansub group here, at Xedo. If you are interested in joining us to try out stuff that you’ll never be able to do in a proper fansub group, you can contact us. By the way Kaizer has kindly stepped down from XedO-SpeedSubs, because he fears that this group may tarnish the name of his quality fansub group.